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Welcome to one of the most prestigious virtual music clubs – hosted by Clemens van Lay! Listen and celebrate to finest trance music: online and jointly with other party people. Together with your friends, at home or wherever you are.

Clubbing is Where You Are

The Trance Lounge enables you celebrate in the environment of your choice. Wherever you are.

Enjoy the world's best trance tracks

Clemens van Lay plays compilations of the world’s best tracks in trance music including his own sounds. Enjoy the best of today and the last 30 years of trance.

Trance Music by Clemens van Lay

Finest Trance Tracks

Back on Track

July 2nd, 2021
Available on Soundcloud

Cross Default

June 23rd, 2021
Available on Soundcloud

Club Deal

May 19th, 2021
Available on Soundcloud


April 9th, 2021
Available on Soundcloud

Poison Pill

February 20th, 2021
Available on Soundcloud

Catch The Low Hanging Fruit

January 18th, 2021
Available on Soundcloud

White Knight

January 1st, 2021
Available on Soundcloud

Get The Deal Done

November 17th, 2020
Available on Soundcloud

Pari Passu

December 3rd, 2020
Available on Soundcloud

Ringfence 2020

November 4th, 2020
Available on Soundcloud

The Trance Lounge

Virtual Live Sets

Trance Lounge

Thursday – December 2nd, 2021
9:00pm CET | 2:00hrs

Trance Lounge

Thursday – December 9th, 2021
9:00pm CET | 2:00hrs

Trance Lounge

Thursday – December 16th, 2021
9:00pm CET | 2:00hrs

Trance Lounge

Thursday – December 23rd, 2021
9:00pm CET | 2:00hrs



Clemens van Lay

Clemens van Lay is an international DJ and Producer focusing on Trance. Born in Germany in 1976, he joined first rave parties in 1992, established his own techno club „Poison“ in 1996, has had numerous live gigs in various renowned clubs and participated in Love Parades 1999 and 2000 on trucks. In parallel to his passion for electronic music, he also enjoys digital photo art and fictional writing. Due to his legal background (PhD, LL.M.) and as former investment banker he composes trance tracks related to business and finance. 

The CvL Club

Virtual Clubbing

Due to the Corona Pandemic, clubs and bars are closed around the world. However, this is no reason to stop celebrating! The CvL Club enables friends of electronic dance music enjoy live sets of Clemens van Lay. You just need to buy a ticket via Eventbrite and enter your name or nickname. Thereafter, you get a link to Zoom and a password which allows you to access the show. The number of party guests is limited to 100.

If you decide to become PRO member, you pay an annual membership fee and are always on the guest list throughout your membership.

Enjoy this new way of clubbing. Wherever you are.


Since 2002


1995 – 2002

The 2nd passion

Photo Art by Clemens
van Lay

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„Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.“

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